Hi, I'm Liz, the therapist at Holistic Health & Beauty.

I've been a massage therapist since 2016, and later trained in Luxury Facials and Hot Stone Fusion massage.

I joined Tropic Skincare as an Ambassador in January 2017 after falling love with the products and company, and have built a business alongside my therapies.

As a passionate mentor, I take pride in guiding women through this exciting venture, witnessing the incredible positive changes it brings to their lives. Our community is a sanctuary of support and encouragement, fostering growth in confidence and empowering women to step into your greatness.

Like many people, I stopped offering therapies in Lockdown, and then my husband and I moved and I had some time out refurbishing our home. Unfortunately we separated and I moved into Newmarket with my cat Bella, where I have set up a beautiful, tranquil therapy room offering Luxurious, bespoke Facials and massage.

My mission is to give you the best skin of your life, and my knowledge, passion and experience is dedicated to ensuring you leave feeling your absolute best!

Having navigated my way through Peri-menopause, I understand the challenges that women face at this time of change in our lives, & love to help with well needed relaxation, reducing stress levels, & balancing changes in your skin.

All too often women put everyone else first, and self care ends up way down on the to do list.
I would like to help change that!